House of Sponge


Founder of House of Sponge


Company Overview

Founded on May 1997


Raw materials to By-product: Bleached Sea Sponges suitable for facial and home use that comes in different sizes and sponge specie that’s elegantly packaged to suit our customer’s needs.




In 1994, Mr. Raulito T. Lasam (Sole Proprietor) has already envisioned the potential of sea sponges in the local market. Unfortunately, it was not responsive and welcoming as anticipated.

After years of research and product innovation, he then introduced a wide variety of bleached sea sponges from various species, sizes and packaging. Durable, efficient, safe and 100% organic- These made our sponges a cut above the rest.

Founded and established in 1997, House of Sponge Export International, has been producing the best quality, natural and bleached sea sponges sourced all throughout the Philippines.

Over the years, the company provides various species generally for beauty and household use among others. Supplying up to 50,000 pieces of sponges in a month, House of Sponge exports to foreign countries such as UK, Japan, Korea and the USA.


To expand the business and cater to markets worldwide.


To support and provide our local fishermen a sustainable livelihood by educating them on how to preserve and protect the sponges at source.

We commit to provide continued customer satisfaction through constant product development and innovation.