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Raw materials to By-product

  • Silk Sponge

    Raw materials of silk sponges which are manually cut into round shape form to meet the client's specifications.

  • Looking for a unique gift idea?

    Looking for a unique gift idea?Natural bleached sea sponges in ready-made box perfect for gift-giving. Suitable for facial / body scrubbing and 100% guaranteed SAFE & DURABLE!

Bleached Sea Sponges are suitable for facial & home use that comes in different sizes from various specie. These sponges are individually prepared and comes out elegantly packed to suit our customer's needs.

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Why Choose a Sea Sponge?

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    Sponge Uses

    Sponge Uses Sea Sponges live in oceans and freshwater habitats. Natural Sea Sponges are earth-friendly due to its regenerative properties and re-grows after sea sponge aquaculture. These are one of the main sources for bath sponges with high demand coming from the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan and China. Today, sea sponges are wholly exported for […]

    By Admin | July 16, 2015

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